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Marguerite & Roxton are having fun and games
at the Inland Sea and go swimming. Suddenly,
a huge wave approaches and crashes into
them, When R breaks surface M has
disappeared! Meanwhile, M is pulled aboard a
large pirate ship and meets ... dashing Captain
John Roxton! He's out-running a rival pirate
ship (Challenger, Ned & Finn aboard). She is
tended to by a kindly ship's doctor
(Summerlee) and disovers a beautiful Princess
(Veronica) is part of the "cargo" on Capt. R's
ship. M also discovers new things, fights her
attraction to the handsome Captian, and lends
a hand while trying to get back to her own

Jeremiah & Maylene! It's the story after
"Dead Man's Hill". Jeremiah is
understandibly confused (Why is the sheriff
laying dead before him?) but sorts it out with
Maylene's help. Did you know Johnny
Ringo has a twin brother and he's out for
revenge? Roxton has a friend in town, Dr.
Summerlee (is this a theme here?), but
Ringo teams with a rather oily undertaker
(calling Jerome E. [Tribune]!). And yes, I'm
sure there will be room for Veronica
(Violet) and Challenger (Sheriff) look-alikes

Idea given to me by a fan: M&R
are kidnapped by a tribe who
need M's language skills to
decipher the ancient, magical
tomes of their mysterious
ancestors. M can do it but each
evening, when she returns to
their cell, she is exhausted and
weak. The magic of the words in
the book is killing M! For the
first time R can do absolutely
nothing but comfort her and has
to rely on their friends to rescue
them before M dies!

Finally!! The baloon is strong and the explorers are ready to leave the plateau.
Veronica still will not leave but, at the last minute, she jumps in and goes off with
Finn, Challenger and Malone ... Where are M&R? He has been nearly fatally injured
& cannot make the journey. C promises he'll launch another expedition and come
back the following year for them. M cannot leave R alone (altho the Zanga promise
to take care of him) and stays behind to treat his wounds. M&R eventually get back
and live alone together in the treehouse. Slowly, R gets better ... A year passes and
.... Do their friends return? What might they return to? Is all well? No?