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Post Solstice Fiasco
Chapter One/Two | Chapter Three/Four

Iolaus and fish friend ....

(Comedy/Young Iolaus)
written by Beckers


They aren't mine. I'm borrowing them. They belong to Ren Pictures, USA ... and probably a bunch of people I do not know. I love them. Don't take them from me ... Oh please ... oh please! And no, no profit is being made by the distribution of this on-line fan story.

This is a comedy so sit back, relax and let it wash over you. By the way, wash your hands and face while you're at it.

*WARNING* Do not eat a fish sandwhich while reading. You'll end up feeling guilty. Okay, maybe not.

Special thanks to IolausGabLuv who gave me this little space for fiction. I'm beginning to run out of my own webspace and she said, "Sure, go ahead. Be my guest."
Is that great or what?

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Hunter & Bard ... Forever.

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