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By Beckers

It's not always a good idea to write a convention report a week later but I've been making notes and - looking back - trying to remember different moments;
the way they amused and affected me. I think now I can write an actual report without inserting “I have to breath now.” into the text.

Friday: August 23, 2003.


For one thing, I was supposed to be at the convention hotel in the AM but my place of employment decided they could not do without me and needed me to
work for at least a half day (I had put in to have this day off waaaay back in February …), so I had to work until noon. I sucked it in and decided to leave
for Long Beach right from work. That way I could still get there by 3pm. Everything was packed in the back of my car - luggage, laptop, bin with gift bags,
spoilers (etc.) - and now that I think about it I came home without that plastic bin and all the contents. Where it went, I haven't a clue! No biggy
since most everything in there were items for sell at the convention but there was also a few other things … ah well, nothing that can be helped
. Anyway, I decided to wear jeans and my yellow work shirt at work (I usually wear scrubs). That way I could change quickly once arriving at the hotel.

Excited! Knew we were going to have a super play to act out (“Mark of the Goat”), written by J&G, and I wanted to be a part of it, not to mention the
other fun and games to be had!

Well, as most already know, while on the I-605 I ran into stopped traffic and -well - someone ran into me! It wasn't the auto directly behind me but the auto
behind him, a big bruiser of a white truck, and I happened to be in the middle of a five car crash. Bizarre moment of impact: Everything went white! But
later I realized it was because my airbag went off and that was what I had seen. My car was totaled. So while still sitting in there, crunched and nursing a
bruised hand (and a broken fingernail!) maybe ten minutes after the event I suddenly think: “I HAVE TO CALL LADY P.!!!” which I do. I don't know why
but I started to tell her about the damage to the car (!) and she kept asking me how I was doing. That seemed secondary to me at the time …

Didn't matter! I needed a car to get to the Con, dammit!!

Well, I won't go through the whole ugly story again but by the time I got back to the house, after going to the hospital and with my rent-a-car it was midnight
and I was soooo sleepy. I threw myself on the bed set my clock for 5am and got a few hours rest, knowing I'd missed the first day of the convention.
Got up, showered and was on my way once again while it was still dark - Kind of great, actually, no cars on the road.
Have to admit; when I hit that part of the I605 again I was happy to keep moving.

Saturday, August 24, 2003.

This is a bit of a blur, honestly, but - after checking in - Room 518 and resisting a massive urge to throw myself on the bed and sleep another couple hours, I
remember going down stairs, unsure where to begin. I went to the check in desk and asked them where TLW convention rooms were located. Once there,
seeing no one around, I hovered a bit then was greeted by AgentSteph, who I later learned was everywhere. I think she was triplets. <G> We talked a bit
and I think I must have still been half asleep because I could not begin to tell you what we said to each other. Sorry AgentSteph! I believe Alanna showed up
shortly thereafter then - eventually - I ran into Calgal and that was when the floodgates opened and Annette, Jac, CAP and a score of others showed. I
remember Blue/Honeybear and just loving her accent and was so surprised and delighted when she brought me a small stuffed bear, a gift that I will treasure
always! Later, I was putting together the merchandise in the Dealers Room and received a few very nice comments regarding the gift bags I assembled.
Thanks so much, everyone. I did enjoy putting them together. Then, around ten was quickly relieved by a couple of take charge helpers (thank you!) so I
could be on the Music Video Panel.

MVP: I might have been on the panel myself but I was as thrilled as anyone in the audience; seeing all these video divas I held in such high regard all in one
place: Catseye, LadyP, Ryalin and Julianne. All appeared to know exactly what they were talking about. They had their tech info right there in there heads
(and Catseye also handed out a great and informative flyer) and were just dispensing information like you wouldn't believe. Now me, as I told the audience,
I'm “creative” but not technical at all. I make vids by storyboarding, dragging and dropping and laying a track of music, then saving it to the computer and
zipping it. That's it. Oh, and I also have a small account with Angelfire and they have a
very easy uploading system for dialup, if you don't mind waiting awhile
to have your creation loaded. Honestly, without it, I'd be dead! Everyone had something interesting to say … and I think I mostly rambled. Catseye assured
me I did just fine but I think she was being kind.

Later, at the “Brothers In Arms” get together I got my first look at David Orth (aka - Ned “Mr. Unconscious” Malone).
First impression: He looks exactly like he does on television.
Second impression: No, he's even cuter.

And here they were: Our Angels! Judy and Gar Reeves-Stevens! They looked almost exactly like I pictured them. Amazing! I later spoke with Gar and told
him one of the happiest days of my life was when he and Judy pulled one of my threads off the TLW Forum, sighting I was too creative for my own good!
“You said I was creative!” I pressed and Gar seemed to get a good laugh out of that. <G>

Can't quite put down into words what the BIA presentation was like. Here we were, watching one of the best TLW episodes made, with David, Gar and
Judy … having them make occasional comments … and it was almost surreal for me. I do recall Gar reading the original outline for the episode which was
very unlike the final product (Veronica and Marguerite as Nuns? Now that would have been interesting!) but, in the end, the final product was very
satisfying! The end of BIA still makes me want to weep and - if I'm not mistaken - it did the same for a few others in the room. I could understand why it was
emotional for David because he knew, now and then, that it was going to be his last eppie of the year!
Later, David also mentioned, in the future, he's going to appear on a Mutant X episode and we should watch, then write in and tell TPTB we loved that guy
and that character! <G>

Then came “David Orth Meets Krispy Kreme”. I'll reprint here what I wrote about this incident on TLW Forum:

Standing to the back of the main convention room on Saturday, after David's BIA segment, something interesting happened:


Mr. Orth saw a box of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts on a table and exclaimed: "I've never had Krispy Kreme doughnuts before." So, there were a few
of us there making suggestions, introducing him into the wonderful world of Krispy Kreme heaven. I told him glazed was the way to go for a first
timer (it's still my favorite) and another fan said, to be perfect the doughnut needs to be warm.

Well, apparently David must have liked what he got because the next day he was back in the Krispy Kreme doughnuts box again. I just happened
to be standing next to the table when he dived in. Smiling, I said: "Keep that up, David, and it's going to be an addiction."

He simply grinned, flicked a piece of glazed sugar off his doughnut of choice and said he was fine, no problem, no addiction here ... and he

The man has such a fine sense of humor.


Oh, what the heck, the man is just fine.

After this I ran once again into Catseye and Karen (ksyrjama) and we made arrangements to have supper together. By the way, we had steaks. You have no
idea how thrilled I was to see I wasn't the only one in the world who still ate red meat. <G>
Then we ran over to the sports bar where one drama after another took place. I do recall having a great conversation about “Tales of the South Seas”,
pressing the point of how I would just “kill” (too strong? Nahhh!) to get those 22 eppies on DVD. Then, Challengerspet had her fall, Galaxychild was struck
by a walkie talkie and things went a little mad from there on out. We all ended up tuck in the back of the bar for reasons I'll never really understand. But it
was rather cozy in its own way.

The presentation of The Losties fan fiction awards got underway and I was stunned - yes totally blown away - when the first fan fiction award was
announced Best Drama and my own “The Craving” won!! Later I would also win a Lostie for the poem “Dream Man” and a runner up certificate for the
character Ennie from “Decline”. Then, to add to that, Caroline told me I had also won a “Readers Choice Award” for “Judgment of the Dark Hunter” Again,
absolute amazement from this writer. I almost screamed out a Sally Field-like: “You like me, you really like me!” speech but thought that may be a bit much.

Here are THE LOSTIES winners: (List put together by Jac)

1.Best Drama: #1: The Craving ( Beckers )
Runnerup: Fine Feathered Friends ( Debbie aka DinoDachsies )
2. Best Action/Adventure: #1: Brothers In Arms ( Susan Zell aka Fraser )
Runnerup: Laundry Day ( Zakiyah & DNash )
3. Best Comedy: #1: The Stillness ( Debbie aka DinoDachsies )
Runnerup: Once A Year ( CMS aka Christine Silbermann )
4. Best Short Story: #1: A Comfort In The Night ( Eva )
Runnerup: For Love Of George ( Leahna )
5. Best Romance: #1: Betwen A Cave And A Cliffhanger ( Zakiyah )
Runnerup: A Moment In Time: The Lost Scene from "Trapped" ( Ryalin )
6. Best Depiction of an Existing Character: #1: Whence the Petrel ( Annette aka Lady P ) - Roxton
Runnerup: The Stillness ( Debbie aka DinoDachsies ) - Marguerite
7. Best Original Character: #1: Dona Maria of Ulysses & Shattered ( Judith aka Alekto )
Runnerup: Ennie of Decline ( Beckers )
8. Best Poetry: #1: Dream Man ( Beckers )
Runnerup: My Knight ( Blue )
9. Best AU: #1: Devil May Care ( Nefret24 )
Runnerup: Concourse ( Annette aka Lady P )

Oh, before I forget, I have to also make note that sometime on Saturday I also managed to finally talk with Cyn (Sunkrux) very briefly for the first time. It
was crazy so we never actually sat down to talk, which I really regret. However, she did give me (and I think a few others) a small toy dino as a momento of
the weekend. I love it! I have it on my TLW shelf at home right now, just beside my M&R mug. A place of honor! When I look at him I will always think of
Cyn. Thank you!

The raffle and auction: Wonderful stuff. Scipts (thank you Jennifer), dresses (thank you Rachel), bags, magazines, key chains, bears … so much. All
proceeds going to a great charity! It was pretty late by the time the auction took place and I was rather blurry but I do know Catseye got Marguerite's dress
from “The Secret” (just gorgeous!) and Verned got JOD's gown from “Legacy” - and both got them for bargain prices (all things considered)! Also, unless
I'm really mistaken, CMS got the much coveted “Prophecy” script during auction.

When the list of winners is completed, I'll add who won what here: (pending info).

Due to technical probs, Video viewing didn't exactly go as hoped or planned but we did get to view some great new and very creative vids from a number of
fans whose talents are without measure … “Immeasurable” as Lord Roxton would say. I look forward to uploading them once the video divas get them place
on a website. *hint*hint*. My contribution was “I Am Woman” sung by Helen Reddy. Yes, the old 1970s version that may be behind “our” time but well
ahead of Marguerite and Veronica's - and these ladies were what the video was about. I'll have it on my video website very soon.

Then it was time to go up to my room and set the clock for Sunday morning. I slept like a baby, I must say. And I'm sure there was a happy smile on my
face, thinking of the GREAT day and … what was yet to come!

Sunday, August 25, 2003.

I couldn't attend the Fan Fiction Panel on Sunday. I was busy in the merchandise room - and entertaining a couple of my best friends who were walk-ins. But
there was fun to be had anyway when a couple of other walk in fans, with those “They have TLW merchandise!” expressions on their faces came trooping
through. Pictures, posters, bags, shirts - you name it! We all had a good time, talking about the show and anticipating the DVD release in November 2003.

Had a quick lunch at the sports bar with my friends (don't recommend the potato skins. Too greasy!) then back to the main room for … THE BIG

I knew something must have gone on because when I got there the hall was already packed. I talked a little to fans then it occurred to me that, being on the
convention committee, maybe I needed to get my butt in the room and help out - so I did. Little did I know that Will Snow, David, J&G and Jennifer O'Dell
were already on stage, waiting for the doors to open! Think I got halfway across the room when I saw them … and my legs went a little weak. I sat down
and tried hard not to stare. It was just sort of nice watching the actors and writer sitting and talking with each other. I haven't a clue what they were saying. I
was sort of … fogged in. But I vaguely recall Calgal sitting beside me and making small talk with her … then Alanna sitting on the other side of me and both
of us wondering if we had the best view for the eventual TLW bloopers that would be shown.
Now, I need to take the opportunity here to say something that I don't normally impart. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We tend to look at our
favorites with rose colored glasses and all that stuff … but I can honestly say, with an open mind, that all three of the actors - Will, Jen and David - are even
better looking in person than on the screen! Gorgeous! Also, they all have GREAT sense of humors and Jennifer's laugh … oh my! As one of the walk ins
told me, the woman has a contagious laugh. When you hear her you have to laugh too!
A presentation was made to Julianne. A large TLW banner that all the celebs draped in front of themselves then signed. She was also presented with two
scripts (one of them was “The Outlaw”!!) from Jennifer's collection. Have to admit, my heart skipped a little faster at seeing that baby … I sure Julianne must
still be floating high!
Questions, of course, were asked of the guests and I will always regret that I chickened out. I simply wanted to ask Will near which episodes did he think
Roxton discovered his amorous feelings for Marguerite were turning from lust to love and a possible future for with the woman. But I just lost my nerve.
Maybe next year! I do recall someone (Ryalin?) asking Will “what really happened in that cave?” and everyone on stage (and audience) laughing. Will was
very careful and said simply that “they” decided to leave it up to the imaginations of the show's fans - although he did note the fact that after the commercial
Marguerite did look a bit more rumpled in his opinion. <G>. Catseye also asked a great question about Roxton's “I love you” to the same woman in Legacy.
Later, Catseye said she felt a little bad because Will seemed uncomfortable with the question and/or how to answer it. Personally, I don't think he was
uncomfortable, I think he was just trying to think of the best way to answer her. He eventually turned and looked for help from J&G. Then, eventually, he
said it was “instinctual” but he checked with the director, writers and even Rachel (I love when he calls her “Rach”. Something about that Aussie accent) and
they agreed with him that it was time to say the words ... and we are so glad he did! Somewhere around this time David said he always thought Will would
make a great James Bond and we all agreed with him. <GG>.
Another favorite point had to be David and Jennifer teasing each other, telling everyone how great it was to work with each other then slipping money back
and forth, as if paying one another for saying such nice things. David said one of the first scenes he ever filmed of TLW was where Malone is gathering wood
and sees a gorgeous Veronica under a waterfall. David said it was at that point he knew he was going to love his job! There, of course were some “kissing”
questions but I', not sure the audience ever got the answer(s) they were looking for! <g> For some reason Jennifer thought Will Snow would have a better
idea than she on what it's like to kiss David Orth! :D Did I tell you these people have great sense of humors?
J&G were there, basically, to fill in the blanks and they did a wonderful job. One of my favorite moments with them was when David mentioned how much
he enjoyed doing Season Three, although - for him it was limited - because in the first couple of seasons he was, more or less, “concussion boy”. J&G told
him, and the rest, that he meant season three and at least part of Season Two … because that's when they and Guy M. had a bigger part of what would be
seen in the stories and they conscious went to the actors and asked them what they think the backgrounds of their characters are - etc.
The Blooper Reel: Oh my, so many funny moments - mostly with poor Will Snow falling or tripping! I also like the short ones where we see Roxton and
Marguerite staring off into the distance and hear Will call: “Marguerite, it's a blue/green screen!” which, of course, was what they were looking at. A really
funny outtake from the very serious BIA where Sergeant Haskell is handing a grenade over to Malone and accidentally pulls the pin out! Rachel's comical
expressions and laughter made up a nice portion of bloopers. Also liked the one where, between takes, Will says something sarcastic and Rachel slaps him
across the mid section - then looks down at her hand and says: “Ow!”. During “The Secret” we see Roxton and Marguerite arguing and poor Jen either
missed her cue or forgot her line when she runs in with the “you're disturbing Challenger” speech. Jen then jumps up and down in frustration. If I recall any
more I'll update this section ….
While Everyone Else was Outside: Funny or Interesting Moments.
Okay. Here I am; an opportunity of a lifetime. I've got Will, David and Jennifer altogether in a room, it's quiet, and I basically have their undivided attention
while were waiting to set our guests up for the autograph session. Do I take advantage? You bet. I pull out my “Tales of the South Seas” poster and corner
poor Will. “I hope you don't mind but … could you sign this, Will? It's flash from your past, I know …” I ramble. Will stared at the poster for a moment then
whispered, “That show …” with a look; a combination of regret and fond memories. I gushed, of course. “It's a beautiful show to watch …” I stammered
then showed him where exactly to sign the poster, the unbusy part on the bottom, which just happened to be right next to a photo of he and Rachel. I
thanked him profusely and he smiled kindly. I think that's when I ConCom photo taking started. I had my digital camera and was going to make good use of
it. Dotty, bless her, took the photos of me with Will, David and Jennifer. Thank you, Calgal! Poor guests. I became very huggy during this convention - and
I'm not usually. Our guests did not escape from me either. And yes -- They thought they saw the last of Beckers but - oh no! When we got into the
autograph room, just before the doors opened I pulled out my Marguerite and Roxton poster. I had J&G reeves-Stevens sign first and they were, of course,
as gracious as ever then I started to roll … and saw Will, David & Jen seated and let go a big sigh. Walked right over to Will, unrolled the poster and begged
his indulgence once again … and was greeted with an awesome moment. Apparently this was the first time the three had seen the poster and/or photo and all
were very impressed. Will looked at it for a moment and whispered: “Wow.”, David said it was “beautiful” (note his comments on the poster on another
page) and Jennifer smiled and gave an enthusiastic comment that I cannot recall at this moment. I felt pretty darn good that I could witness these reactions,
have to admit. <G>
So many fun things to watch during the autograph session. Loved as Catseye became a fan/celeb photog. Need a photo taken? Catseye was there to do it! I
did my part as well. I think my position, at the time, was “inside security” but that sort of fell apart when I couldn't get anyone to leave and - what the heck! It
was a party atmosphere and I didn't want to ruin it. Didn't seem to be bothering the guests so, with Lady P.'s thumbs up, we let it go.
·Jen posing with “the guys”, four of her biggest fans.
·Eva finally showing after going through heck, including a derailed train, to get to see Will Snow and have him autograph her Roxton hat. Then, Will
standing for a photo and watching Will put the hat on his head for the picture. Others have said it and I agree. He suddenly “became Roxton” when
the hat was on his head. Wild.
·Jen seeing a photo of herself with Rachel and calling out, asking if someone could please get her this photo for her own collection because she loved
·One of my personal friends having her picture taken with Will and the photo turning out so da** good! <G>
·Poor Will. Up and down, up and down! He just couldn't rest. Everyone wanted a photo with him! David and Jennifer didn't get off much easier
either! If the convention had more than 200 attendees I'm not sure what the guests would have done! Gone home - exhausted!
Another note: Behind the autograph desks, David and Jennifer were standing close and were about to sit again when I called, “David, Jen (I can't believe I
called her “Jen”! *rolleyes*)!” and I lifted my camera. They graciously posed as I snapped (see photos section). Then Verned, standing beside me, said
“You really have to warn us when you're going to do something like that!” Really was a great photo op - sorry gang! As Will would say - it was instinctual!
A Regret: I didn't have my picture taken with J&G, although I admire them so much! I was embarrassed and very humbled. Darn it!
Finally, at the end of the day, the guests simply had to go! They were presented with gift bags … and I'll never forget Will and Jennifer pulling out their “drool
bibs” and laughing, trying to figure out what the significance was - but probably too afraid to ask! We waved a cheery goodbye to them then all returned to
the main room. We were all wired, as you can imagine.
I knew at one point or another the ConCom and some of our wonderful helpers were also going to get gift bags. I was dying for a tote with the convention
symbol on it. I just really, really wanted one and was so delighted to finally have one in my hand. However, what I didn't expect was the “thank you” books
presented to the ConCom by the show's fans from the TLW Forum (BB). Beautiful! Filled with letter and pictures and thank yous … If I haven't said so
before I'm saying it now. I was practically near tears when these were presented. How lovely and generous! THANK YOU all.
Well, the convention was officially over and there were - again - hugs all around. It was tough saying goodbye but - WOW - what memories! Yep, this one
is a keeper!!