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Blackbirding: A south seas term for "slave trading".

Young Tahitians are being kidnapped, bought and sold by unscrupulous white
mercenaries. While on an island, negotiating a deal with a tribal king for horses,
Isabelle Reed is caught up in a raid. She is knocked unconscious but the chief of
the island she is visiting is certain she was involved with the scum who attacked his

David Grief and Mauriri, purely by coincidence, come to the island, see Isabelle is
in trouble, and promise the native chief they will find his enslaved men. David
requests Isabelle be allowed to come along and help prove her innocence. The
chief tells him if they don't come back with his men in a certain amount of time he
will send someone after Isabelle ...

David: "Thank you for saving my life back at the plantation."

Isabelle: "So, this means we're even?"

David: "Not by a long shot."

David: "Have I ever told you how good you look in
riding gear?"

Isabelle: "Not when it counts."

TYPICAL TALK (Blackbirding) :

Isabelle: "You and me David ..."

David: "You and me ... what?"

Isabelle: "We make sense ...."

Isabelle: "Oh, come on, David. You've ridden to my
rescue three times already. Now, you can't tell me you'd
go out of your way like that for just any woman ..."

David: "I subscribe to the theory that opposites attract ..."