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Near the island of Tautira, David and Mauriri pull a young Polynesian man from the water
after his ship is blown up. Recuperating at Lavinia's the men can get next to no
information from him. Only his name: Roto Endo (but we later find his name is really Baru
That evening, the young man inexplicably steals one of Isabelle's horses and whilst in
pursuit Mauriri fractures his leg. David asks Isabelle to, at first, talk with the now jailed
Roto Endo to get more information then come with him to where the ship was downed.
She's peeved because Grief had led her to believe they were going on a private little swim
date when, really, he just needed someone (since Mo is out of action) to stay with The
while he is exploring under the water.
As it turns out the downed ship's name is Lands End and David, during his search, pulls
up a nice supply of German rifles and grenades. These weapons are supposed to be
transported to Peking, where the Chinese are slaughtering Christian missionaries.
The baddies in this episode are Hellman and Dietrich and they do not like David and
Isabelle noseying around. They attempt an ambush that fails.
David confront them on the island and is nearly taken out and killed when Isabelle lobs a
horse saddle into the warehouse where they are talking. Grief runs for his life, the
antagonist are out of action, and all ends well ...

Tales of the South Seas

"The Boxer Rebellion"
Episode # 10

Typical Talk

Grief: ""Oh come on, Isabelle. Give
me a hand and stay with the ship ...
please. What else are you going to

Isabelle: "Fine. But if you get a
cramp I'm not coming in after you.
You can go ahead and drown."

Isabelle: "Why do you care about
him so much?"

Grief: "When you save someone's
life you feel connected to them."

Isabelle: "You saved my life. Do
you feel connected to me?"

Grief (to Isabelle): "Now, how did you get the clerk to tell you (where the warehouse is)?"

Isabelle: "A girl can do wonders with the right smile."

(David sneaks up and grabs Isabelle
from behind)

Isabelle: "I HATE when you do

Grief: "Just trying to teach you
to be a little more careful.
You'll thank me one day."

Isabelle: " ... besides this horse likes me. It
does what I say. I think I'll call him 'David' ..."

Isabelle: "I'm going with you."

Grief: "No thanks."

I: "Those people shot at me too. And, you know
what, you can't tell me what I can and can't do.
You dragged me out to the
Lands End when you
wanted to now I'm coming with you!" (pause),
"After all, 'what else have I got to do?'"

G: "Nice come back. Okay."

Isabelle (sitting on a rock, showing a LOT of leg, speaking sweetly): "I've fallen off my
horse and twisted my ankle. Could you gentlemen help me?"

(The "bad guys" come forward eagerly and she knocks them out cold)

"I hope you both took a good look while you had the chance."