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When Isabelle falls for a gold scam, in which she also manages to get Rev. Trent's
church funds involved, Grief and Mauriri attempt to help her out. All looks bleak, the
scam appearing to be a legitimate business dealing, when something unforeseen

The scam artist himself, Leo Walsh, finds trouble when some rather unsavory men
come to call on a secluded island -- men he had business dealings with and cheated
as well. To save themselves from being killed when they get caught in the middle of a
slave labor raid, Grief, Isabelle and Mo dress up like members of a none violent
religious order. They are all - including the passive religious group and Walsh -
abducted and made to work, digging for gold.

While digging, Grief notices one of the thugs lustfully eyeing Isabelle. He hatches a
plan to save themselves, the religious order, Walsh and to also get Isabelle and
Colin's money returned.

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