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Tales of the South Seas is an "Indiana Jones-style adventure series" that follows the exciting,
dangeorus and romantic exploits of dashing David Grief (Will Snow) and his Polynesian partner,
Mauriri (Rene Naufahu). It is based on the Jack London novel set at the turn of the century.
Included in the cast is Isabelle Reed (Rachel Blakely), a lovely yet somewhat troublesome lady
friend Grief helps and often partners with during his adventures.
The TV series ran for 22 episodes and has never been seen in The United States.

The aftermath of some tragic news delivered by William Reed.
Rated G. *hanky warning*

Afrer an injury Isabelle finds herself in dire straights. Grief, Mauriri and all her friends are eager to help but
why is Isabelle suddenly rebuking David's attempts at getting closer to her?
Rated PG.

Little story taking place during "The Locket". Things are always a bit more safe "below deck".
Rated PG.

A trip to Tangi revelas more than anyone could have
thought possible.
Rated PG.