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A fun trip to celebrate Colin's birthday goes from bad to worse when The Rattler runs into a coral reef.
Mauriri is badly injured and Clare allows the long boat to get away. Furthermore, Isabelle is furious with
David over what she feels was a heinous abuse of their friendship with regards to a shipping contract.
He tells her it is "business" and she shouldn't take it personally ... but Isabelle takes it very personally.

The group which consists of David, Isabelle, Lavinia, Colin, Clare and Mauriri swim to a local
uninhabited island and try to make do until they are rescued. Isabelle, while trying to rescue Clare's lost
skirt (you gotta watch to understand), manages to cut her foot against some sharp coral. Afraid of what
Grief might think, especially after he told them to be careful of the coral, she tries to hide it from David
and the others ...

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Morlais grows concerned (yeah, really!) when Grief and company don't turn up
for an important dinner where David is supposed to discuss and bid on the above mentioned shipping
contract (Isabelle wasn't invited, adding to the tension between she and David).

Will Morlais find the castaways before food and water run out?

Will David and Isabelle make up?

Will Mauriri survive?

Will Colin retain his courage in the water?

Will Clare's high moral character be forever damaged?

And will Lavinia remember to stay behind the counter of her bar the next time David comes up with
such a bright idea?

Rock of Ages
Episode # 18


TYPICAL TALK ("Rock of Ages"):


David: (to Isabelle) "What's wrong with your leg?"

Lavinia: (knowing what happened) "She's okay."

D: "Come on, Isabelle, I'm not blind."

L: "Leave her alone, David."

D: (to Lavinia) "Since when did you become her champion?"

Isabelle: "DROP IT, David!"

Isabelle: (watching as Grief starts a fire she and Lavinia
have been working on all day) "Showing me up, as usual

David: "We need a fire. May the best idea win."

Isabelle: "The best idea, David, would be for you to stay
out of my way."

Grief and Isabelle verbally fight through nearly this entire episode ... kind of reminds me of
another couple we all know and love .... <g>

D: "For Christ sake, Isabelle, it was only a shipping contract!"
I: "No, it's not. It's a betrayal of trust. Deceitful."
D: "Well, you're a good one to be lecturing anyone about that ..."
I: "You're threatened by me. You're worried because you don't know how to handle a woman running your own business."
D: "If I was worried about anything it would be about women crewing on ships."
I: "I was following your orders!"
D: If you'd let the sail down quickly perhaps Mauriri wouldn't be laying there half dead!"
I: "If you had done your job properly ... we wouldn't be here at all."

David: (to Lt. Morlais) " ... but tell you what ...if you can
convince the governor to come to one more dinner we'll call it
even ..." Glances at Isabelle who is still looking hurt, " ... and
this time set the table for seven."

Isabelle's whole face brightens as she and Grief smile at one

Isabelle tosses an apple at Grief ... Lifts a small knife.

I: "David, hold that on your head ..."
G: (tossing apple back at her, nervous) "I don't think so."
I: "Come on, David, you've seen me throw before ..." Lifts
knife menacingly and smiles teasing, "TRUST ME."