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D: "For Christ sake, Isabelle, it was only a shipping contract!"
I: "No, it's not. It's a betrayal of trust. Deceitful."
D: "Well, you're a good one to be lecturing anyone about that ..."
I: "You're threatened by me. You're worried because you don't know how to handle a woman running your own business."
D: "If I was worried about anything it would be about women crewing on ships."
I: "I was following your orders!"
D: If you'd let the sail down quickly perhaps Mauriri wouldn't be laying there half dead!"
I: "If you had done your job properly ... we wouldn't be here at all."

David: (to Lt. Morlais) " ... but tell you what ...if you can
convince the governor to come to one more dinner we'll call it
even ..." Glances at Isabelle who is still looking hurt, " ... and
this time set the table for seven."

Isabelle's whole face brightens as she and Grief smile at one

Isabelle tosses an apple at Grief ... Lifts a small knife.

I: "David, hold that on your head ..."
G: (tossing apple back at her, nervous) "I don't think so."
I: "Come on, David, you've seen me throw before ..." Lifts
knife menacingly and smiles teasing, "TRUST ME."