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David Orth &
Jennifer O'Dell
Aren't they just adorable?

David and Beckers.
He's a sweetie and I'm just
dazed and confused.

"Oh, just one more autograph, David, PLEASE!"

Dotty tells Will Snow what really happened in that cave ...

David, Will and Jen ... and the mysterious white dot
of doom ...

Jennifer and Beckers. You'll never guess
who is who ... <GG>

Will and Beckers. Oh, Yeah. This is the
look of LOVE *sigh* ....

J&G Reeves-Stevens. They decided to help out the
hotel by folding bed sheets ... No, that's actually the
king sized banner they, Will, JOD and David signed!

Jennifer signs a very
impressive banner ... and my
camera seems to love her legs

I think David Orth liked this poster ... See his
comments: PRESS